a story from my dad the lawyer

when my dad was in his mid 20s and just starting out as a lawyer he had a client who was accused of being a pimp…the client asked him what he should wear to court and my dad says “just normal business clothes”

the man showed up in a lavender suit, alligator shoes, and an old school fedora with a feather in it

the jury convicted him in ten minutes

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im only 17 and ive already had like 3 mid-life crises

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#that awkward moment where it /still/ shocks and hurts cas when dean betrays him again #after everything #even as god #he’s supposed to be invulnerable to emotions #but dean just told death to kill him #and his heart broke #again

Don’t worry, Godstiel. It broke all of our hearts. 

#ugh it hurts a lot more when you actually watch it and see how he was narrow eyed and glaring until that moment#and then how bright and wide his eyes gets and the way his nostrils flare and his mouth drops a little#and then death suggests kicking dean’s butt and cas turns back with his glare back on and his jaw clenched again#but his eyes still so bright and he doesn’t turn back to face dean as he gathers himself for a minute#and almost immediately runs away#ow. i hurt myself even more.#these are my crying times

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Cal sees ‘Aunties’ drawing, A week later: “They’re clones!”

Det. Deangelis sees actual clones, Months later: “Quintuplets?”

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"Nine years with his red veins"

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